The real drama unfolds after the directer yells CUT!

The Rich and the Ruthless is a character driven story centered on two kindred spirits— soap ingénue CALYSTA JEFFRIES and legendary producer AUGUSTUS BARRINGER. The moment he auditioned her years earlier for the role of Ruby Stargazer, Augustus knew he had found his latest muse in the raw and talented Calysta.


While the driving arc is the complicated bond between Calysta and Augustus, R&R is a multigenerational, dramedy ensemble piece. The audience will grow to love, hate and, in some cases, love to hate many among the motley crew of vicious soap divas, chiseled hunks, and treacherous network television executives who make up this world.


Not everyone is happy about R&R fan favorite, Calysta Jeffries and all her raw, natural talent. Aging suds queen, ALISON FAIRCHILD ROBERTS is threatened by the pretty young thing. Alison’s husband and R&R’s producer, RANDALL ROBERTS, can’t wait to add Calysta to the list of eager soap starlets he’s banged behind his wife’s back. When


Calysta refuses, a humiliated Randall proves he can be just as petty as any of the actors on the toxic set. He vows to make Calysta’s life a living hell until she quits, or he gaslights her into giving him just cause to fire her.


Volatile sexpot EMMY ABERNATHY and Alison have been feuding for a decade over who’s had more plastic surgery to more air time. Their instant and mutual disdain for Calysta just might be the first thing the two women have ever agreed on.



...more than a sudser- it's a family drama with SOUL!

During the first season’s (6) episodes we will see Calysta find the fame, security, and love she desperately craved growing up in the Deep South and being raised by her grandmother. Nothing comes without a price. Calysta and the audience will find out if she has what it takes to become a soap star, as her new rivals determine to break her spirit.


Augustus knows something about surviving in Hollywood. He’s endured decades of corporate malfeasance, and flat out disrespect while fighting to build the Barringer television soap opera dynasty. Augustus serves as mentor, fairy godfather and friend.


Not everyone will view their bond through an innocent lens. Alison, recalling how beneficial lying down on Randy’s casting couch was for her career, begins to wonder if Calysta is trying to screw her way to the top.


These allegations will threaten to derail Calysta’s slow-burning romance with Derrick. The reformed playboy and TMZ staple thinks he might have finally found a woman worth getting his act together for in Calysta.


In the wings, Derrick and Emmy Abernathy were costars with benefits before Calysta showed up. Calysta is costing Emmy access to Derrick’s rock hard abs and his rock hard...well, you know.


Over the course of our six-episode first season, R&R will take viewers behind the scenes of one of America’s favorite sudsers with character driven drama, peppered with comedic zingers. The Rich and the Ruthless isn’t just a soap-within-a-soap it’s a

sudser with soul and a family drama!


So get ready for LIGHTS, CAMERA, CALAMITY and CLAWS on The Rich and the Ruthless!



EMMY Nominated Creator

Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell is an award-winning actress, international lecturer, holds two doctorates - a teacher, advocate, mother, and former foster youth. She has been recognized by 193 members of Congress for advocacy work on behalf of education, arts, foster and adoptive youth and parents as well as diversity issues.
Simon & Schuster awarded Rowell a two book deal for her popular soap opera novel series.  Her New York Times bestseller, The Women Who Raised Me, published by HarperCollins Publishers, received literary acclaim.
Rowell is an Emmy-nominated, NAACP-winning actress, who co-starred with Dick Van Dyke in the prime time television series Diagnosis Murder for VIACOM for eight seasons, as well as starred on The Young and the Restless as the iconic Drucilla Barber Winters. Rowell was submitted for a Golden Globe Award, starring opposite Samuel L. Jackson in Home of the Brave among other credits. Rowell has starred in and executive produced multiple holiday movies for UPtv.  She has been in multiple films, starring opposite Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Shamar Moore, Beau Bridges, Forest Whitaker, Harry Lennix and more. 

Rowell's first career was with American Ballet Theater (ABT) II and other professional ballet companies. Rowell has two adult children, Maya and Jasper.